Our Mission

The Chiesman Center for Democracy promotes and supports democratic principles and active civic engagement.


Our Vision

Our vision is to have a citizenry that is actively aware, passionately engaged, and involved in the democratic process that is respectful of the diversity of opinion that makes our democracy great.


Our Values

  • We respect diversity of viewpoint and a commitment to openness and tolerance in public discourse;
  • We believe that all citizens have the right and responsibility to be active participants in the decisions that impact the civic life of our state and country;
  • We value lifelong education in the democratic process that builds a commitment to ongoing active civic participation;
  • We understand that social responsibility, courage, patriotism, honesty, and integrity are the cornerstones of our democracy;
  • We encourage strong communities across South Dakota and our nation that have active, skilled, and engaged advocates seeking full participation in their communities’ well-being.


“With all of the budget cuts and attacks on public education, it is refreshing to work with an organization that really supports public education and provides so much great material for all kids.”
Training Participant,
Rapid City, SD

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