Youth Serving Organizations Alliance (YSOA) encourages communication and collaboration among all youth focused organizations for leveraging resources to support and serve all youth.

  • To provide an opportunity and encourage organizations to communicate and share information about projects, programs, and funding that are beneficial to youth.
  • To learn how youth focused organizations can work together to meet their respective missions and goals.
  • To encourage collaboration among the organizations to leverage and maximize resources available within the community and from other agencies.
  • To model a cooperative environment for leaders and citizens who work together to create a safe and healthy community for all people.
  • To meet regularly (at least four times per year) to discuss and assess how the youth serving organizations are meeting the YSOA mission.

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Legislative Crackerbarrels Scheduled

Posted: January 27, 2015


“I commend Kids Voting South Dakota...and thank the educators, school administrators and sponsors for their commitment to Kids Voting. It is important for young people to realize the importance of the voting process...and I challenge the young people to actively participate in the democratic process by voting, by encouraging their parents, grandparents and friends to vote, and by working for the candidates and on issues of their choice.”
Tim Johnson, Former US Senator
South Dakota

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