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The CHIESMAN CENTER FOR DEMOCRACY promotes and supports democratic principles and active civic engagement.
  • 2011 Black Hills Community Needs Assessment (BHCNA) - A consortium of local organizations in the Black Hills commissioned the South Dakota Public Policy Institute, a project of the Chiesman Center for Democracy, to conduct a Community Needs Assessment study in the Black Hills area. Areas included in this assessment are Butte County, Lawrence County, Meade County, Fall River County, Custer County and Pennington County.
  • 2010 He Sapa Community Lakota Language Preservation Project - This project focuses on the preservation of the Lakota language in Pennington County where 9,620 members of various tribes reside. The research was designed to document the level of fluency, the rate of language loss, and the level of interest by the Lakota residents to participate in a preservation project in whatever method would be appropriate by age and location. In order to initiate a Lakota Language Preservation Project for the Lakota residents of Pennington County, this baseline study was completed to document the number of existing speakers and language proficiency gaps. In this study, 1,848 individuals completed a 55 item questionnaire with a representative number of respondents serving on a focus group to review and validate the results from the questionnaire analysis.
  • 2006 South Dakota Civic Engagement Roundtable Report - In June 2006, a roundtable was convened to discuss the topic of civic engagement and education for all people of South Dakota. A report was compiled based on the feedback from the diverse participants (including elected officials, university staff, K-12 education, non-profits) during the roundtable event.

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